We are a business to business company specializing in a wide range of goods as varied as the colors of the rainbow!  From team apparel to medical products to narrow fabrics to men's and women's belts and suspenders, Joeanne has it all for the American and global manufacturer.

We are able to manufacture a vast array of products in wholesale quantities.  Although we specialize in narrow fabrics and accessories, such as belts, we are open to many different kinds of sourcing requests, so please take a moment to look around and check out all that we have to offer.  

We offer a vast array of goods and are open to sourcing requests outside of our typical product range. We can package and ship our products to your exact specification, including specialized packaging, labels and hangers.

Our Products include the following.


Narrow Fabrics

We are able to supply a wide range of narrow fabrics available for wholesale and offer materials such as Cotton, Polyester, Nylon, Rayon, Polypropylene and can source any other material that you wish.



We are able to produce many different styles, colors, shapes, and sizes of belts. We have a number of different buckle options to choose from, including snap buckles, conventional "pronged" buckles, D-ring buckles, side release buckles and even ornamental buckles.



Suspenders are a unique fashion statement that is both classic and, has in recent years, had a resurgence in popularity among young individuals.  As with our other products, we offer a wide variety of suspenders which are designed to your exact specification.



A chin strap is a strap that affixes to the sides of a helmet and passes under one's chin in order to keep the helmet firmly in place.  These are essential pieces of athletic equipment and are manufactured to a high standard of quality because here at JoeAnne, we understand that safety is of the utmost importance.



Medical devices and products are a relatively new field for us.  But rest assured that we will bring you the same quality, service and competitive pricing that you have come to expect from us.



We are able to provide a wide array of different types of sports apparel.  We manufacture these products to the utmost quality to ensure safety and comfort at an affordable price.



Due to an in-house vinyl dipping and foam cutting station we are able to produce any shape, size and style foam or plastic product.  Applications include anything from lifeguard floats, to medical devices,  apparel,  toys,  packaging and military products.


Other Products

We offer other fabric related products utilizing our expansive production capabilities. We always are looking to expand our product base, from Single Needle to Foam Cutting, we have the capabilities to do so.